Rotel RSP-1572 Review

February 22, 2012


Stereophile Review of RSP-1572

Rotel’s 15 series components have received high praise for sound performance from a plethora of audio magazines including Hi Fi Choice, What Hi Fi, Home Entertainment, Home Theater, The Absolute Sound and many others.

Now, Kalman Rubinson puts our new RSP-1572 preamp/processor through its paces in the March issue of Stereophile. In the review, Kal goes into quite some detail on the merits of Rotel’s approach to EQ.

Excerpts from the review:

“The Rotel’s menus were easy to navigate, and its bass management options were excellent.”

“The sound was well balanced from the HDMI sources and from the multichannel analog input…”

“The midrange and treble were clean and transparent and the bass was full, the subs providing ample weight.”

“The RSP-1572 has 10 filters, each variable in Q and gain and adjustable in increments of 1Hz, but each restricted to a set range of frequencies. However, four of the Rotel’s filter ranges overlap below 140Hz, allowing the user to correct most modes in most rooms.”

“Yes, the Rotel’s EQ worked very well. Overall, it took me about two hours to do all that. Bottom line: In every way, the results rewarded the effort invested.”

“So, how did the Rotel RSP-1572 stack up against its competition in the busy $2,000 class? It sounded as good as any, and was completely devoid of operational idiosyncrasies or switching noises. It distinguished itself with the delightful simplicity of its operation, which doesn’t try to entice the user into meddling with processing controls but still provides all the facilities the user needs.”

“…those of us who don’t mind getting our hands dirty with some measurement tools can have it all with the RSP-1572: great sound and great looks.”

See full review in Stereophile


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