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When discussing top loudspeaker manufacturers, you’ll most certainly hear the name Bowers & Wilkins. B&W was founded in the UK in 1966, and quickly became a staple in some of the most popular recording studios of the day. In fact, B&W speakers are still in use today in the famous Abbey Road Studios. B&W is synonymous with quality sound, beautiful design, and their innovation of separating the tweeter from the main cabinet.

The 803 D3 is the first of its kind: a full-range, studio-quality speaker built for the home, and the most compact headed unit Bowers & Wilkins has ever produced. While this elegant speaker comes in a living room-friendly size, it shares the same revolutionary technologies and design features as its larger sibling, including their Turbine head and reverse-wrap cabinet.

It is an elegant floorstander, delivering exceptionally natural and precise sound thanks to a combination of Diamond Dome tweeter, Continuum cone, Aerofoil bass and a more compact midrange head.

Watch this video to see all the care and detail that goes into the 803 D3!

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