Product Spotlight: Yamaha WX-010 MusicCast Wireless Speaker

Product Spotlight: Yamaha WX-010 MusicCast Wireless Speaker

Product Spotlight: Yamaha WX-010 MusicCast Wireless Speaker

There’s no doubt about it – music makes any situation better. Whether we’re cooking, entertaining, relaxing after a long day or even cleaning the house, our favorite tunes provide a much-needed soundtrack to life. These days, it’s never been easier to have our music play whenever and wherever we need it. But with that convenience also comes a lot of choices – what kind of speaker to get, what features do I need, will it work well in the room and is it easy to use?

If you’re looking for a good all-around performer to make your music sound great without taking over your space, take a look at the Yamaha WX-010. This compact wireless speaker delivers outstanding sound and a slew of attractive features in a small footprint and an affordable price tag.

Looks small, sounds big

The first thing you’ll notice about the Yamaha WX-010 is its size. It’s about the size of a square tissue box, so it fits in just about any space. It’s a great option for a kitchen, home office, family room or any space where you don’t want your audio system taking over the room. If you really want it out of the way, you can even mount it on the wall with most commercially-available speaker mounts.

But unlike other speakers of its size, there’s big sound hidden in this little box. Its two-way speaker design and two passive radiators fill the room with surprisingly robust sound. It supports high-resolution audio file formats, too! Looking for an even bigger sound? Go with two WX-010 speakers and you can pair them up in stereo mode for even more expansive, lifelike sound.

Remarkably well-connected

Just as there are many choices in speakers, there are countless ways to play back your music as well. Some speakers lock you into one particular way to connect (like Bluetooth) or feature a limited selection of apps you can use. The WX-010 virtually assures easy connections with the smart devices you have now, and those you may have in the future.

Of course, you have Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to use pretty much any music app you may prefer. The WX-010 connects wirelessly (or wired via ethernet) to your home network and supports popular streaming services like Pandora, Spotify and even Sirius XM radio through Yamaha’s MusicCast app. Spotify Connect is also supported, allowing you to control the speaker directly through the Spotify app. You can also listen to your personal music collection stored on your phone, tablet, computer or network drives. Have an iPhone, iPad or Mac? Apple Airplay is built right in.

One big happy family

Whole-home audio is getting more popular all the time. If you’re a music lover, filling your home with music is a particularly wonderful thing. Even if you aren’t sure you want to make the leap just yet, the WX-010 is the perfect building block to start a whole-home audio system over time.

When you’re ready to add more speakers throughout your home, you have the choice of a variety of options. You can add up to 9 more MusicCast-ready devices to the WX-010, like its big brother the WX-030 wireless speaker, a sound bar in the family room, or a an A/V receiver in the living room. Yamaha has a wide variety of products built for MusicCast multi-room audio, and when you bring them all together, it’s a music lovers dream.

Stop into our showroom today and listen to the WX-010 or Yamaha’s other MusicCast speakers for yourself!