#C4Yourself Month | Suess Electronics
November 2020 is #C4Yourself Month
Chime Doorbells

Schedule a FREE phone consultation or a private tour of our full-size in-store smart home, and discover all the ways we can make your home your smart castle!

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Everything you’d expect from a video doorbell, and powered by the Control4 Smart Home OS, giving you more control and more peace of mind—at home or away.

If you’re one of the many people who find that their home network connection and technology is not keeping up with the demands of working and schooling from home, or if spending so much time at home has you fantasizing about home upgrades, then you need to talk to a Smart Home Pro—like us!

We help homeowners enhance and simplify their lives with technology. We are experienced experts when it comes to wireless network design, smart security systems and lighting, whole-home automation, and A/V systems. With our expertise and product knowledge, we can help make your home more helpful, personal, and secure.

Just like working with an electrician or plumber, make sure you work with a professional if you’re planning on upgrading your home with smart solutions. We have years of experience, hands-on training, and access to incredible resources. As certified automation programmers we are capable of designing systems that work like magic.

Lighting Control

Set the scene or save energy with automated lighting.

Motorized Shades & Drapes

Filter or block sunlight by controlling your home’s shades and drapes.

Climate Control

A smart system that controls your home’s climate for you, or lets you take charge.

Entertainment Automation

Control your media room or home theater with a push of a button.

Home Audio Control

Fill one room, multiple rooms, or your whole home with music from your personal collection.

Control From Anywhere

With apps for your mobile phone or tablet, you can control your home’s systems and check in from anywhere in the world.

Your home is your castle.
Let's make it smarter.

Control4 Smart Home Automation in Appleton, Wisconsin


There’s so much to accomplish in your day, wouldn’t it be nice if your house was able to manage itself? Thankfully, home automation makes it easy to connect your entire home, so everything works together to make entertainment systems easier to use, homes more comfortable and energy efficient, and families more secure.


Home automation shouldn’t be one size fits all. Control4 gives you the ability to automate at your own pace, as your time and budget allow. Start in one room and add solutions and products as you go. No matter how old (or new) your home is, there is a Control4 system that will work for you.


A certified Control4 installer can help you ensure your system and network is set up correctly. After the initial installation, as routines and schedules change, so can your automation. When >> Then Automation makes it simple to make changes and adjustments without your dealer with just a few clicks.


Smart homes are filled with connected devices, smartphones, streaming services, and more. That’s why a high-performing network is crucial. Control4’s Pakedge networking solutions feature the highest-quality products—designed for the demands of your connected home.


A connected home should not be a complex home. That’s why Control4, and the 10,000 devices that work in the Control4 ecosystem, works to deliver simple, intuitive, personalized control that allows the devices in your home to work together in orchestration. All designed exclusively with YOU in mind.