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Home Security Through Automation

Integrating Security into Your Automated Home

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Protecting your family, your home, and your belongings is a priority.

Automation takes home security to another level of comfort and ease. Added features can make your home more secure, and can even be integrated with an existing security system.

Not only can you add hardware like smart locks, intercoms and cameras, additions like flashing lights can amplify the effect of your current security system alarm.

Here are some home security options that are possible through automation.


Doorbell Intercom and Camera

Check to see who is at your door using your TV, smartphone or tablet, thanks to a crystal-clear camera. Talk with them via the intercom, and unlock the door so they can come in.

Feel Secure From Anywhere

Check your home security cameras anytime, from anywhere, with your smartphone.

Smart Locks

With smart locks and codes for every family member, you can be alerted to comings and goings. Let the plumber in with a temporary code, or get text alerts when the kids get home from school.

Smart Surveillance and Monitoring

Do you want to make your existing home surveillance system “smart”? Or maybe you want to install a surveillance system as part of a larger home automation project.

automationIf you’re wondering if it’s possible, YES. And it’s not complicated to set up. If you already have a surveillance system, it’s just a matter of integrating it with a home automation system that allows easy control and use.

Conversely, if you already have a home automation system and want to integrate an observation system, it’s an easy and quick addition to your system. If you have neither, no problem! We can build a home automation system that includes surveillance technology.

Suess Electronics can help you feel more secure through the installation and integration of surveillance and observation systems.



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