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Predictive Monitoring

When disaster strikes, time is money.

As a homeowner or business owner, which is more valuable to you — 1) an alert that comes after a disaster has already occurred, or 2) actionable intelligence that’s smart enough to notify you of an incident before it becomes a catastrophic event?

Our predictive monitoring system, powered by OnePrevent, is not a traditional alarm system. It focuses on stopping disasters before they happen.

How predictive monitoring works

Using affordable sensors that are easy to install, combined with the power of a patented algorithm and cloud computing, OnePrevent learns the normal “heartbeat” of your home or business. It continually collects data about your premises – including temperature, smoke, humidity, motion, and water. Using that baseline, it knows when things are starting to veer away from the norm. This might include a gradual dip in temperature during the winter or motion occurring when and where it’s not supposed to happen.

This continual monitoring and computation of data allows our system to do things that traditional alarm systems simply cannot do, or do as efficiently. Take an accidental fire for example. The OnePrevent system has been proven to predict a fire in a home a full 18 minutes before a traditional smoke alarm sounds. It knows what concentration of smoke particles, and when they occur, is normal for your home. OnePrevent will notify you when your home goes outside that normal range.

Many uses. Any place. Affordable piece of mind.

OnePrevent is a robust monitoring system with a plethora of uses, both in home and business environments. Keep tabs on your house while you’re away or your cottage by the lake when you’re back at home. Know when a water heater starts leaking before your entire basement floods, and know when your heat goes out well before your pipes freeze. Rest easy knowing an elderly parent is safe and secure when you can’t be there. Know when an intruder enters your business after hours, and be aware when your server room begins to overheat.

OnePrevent builds in features to ensure rock-solid reliability. The base station utilizes cellular technology to communicate data to and from the cloud, meaning that no phone line or Internet service is required. This allows OnePrevent to work beautifully in places other alarm systems don’t – from cabins in the Northwoods to second homes with no year-round Internet connection. Using cellular technology also ensures that alerts can still be sent if power knocks out your wi-fi or burglars cut your phone line. It also features a battery backup, allowing it to function in the event of a power outage. There are also tamper-proofing features built-in.

Protect your property, save energy and be in the know!

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