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Smart TV

You’ve probably heard the term Smart TV, but what does that mean?

A Smart TV is a television capable of connecting to and interacting with the Internet. More than that, it enables easy streaming, has convenient internet browsing and connectivity to your favorite social media sites utilizes a ton of apps for gaming, entertainment, news and more, and takes home entertainment to new levels. Think of it as if you were combining a TV with your smartphone. The app-based functions and remote-controlled menus expand its abilities and make it all easy to control from the comfort of your couch.

When you buy a Smart TV, you won’t need any extra consoles, boxes or gadgets to get your streaming content, thanks to apps from your favorite services like Netflix and Hulu. Most major TV manufacturers sell TVs with a “smart” system, so you don’t have to sacrifice size, picture quality or brand just to get smart features.

What do you need to have or buy to get Smart TV? Just a Smart TV and an internet connection. It’s that simple. Today’s Smart TVs have more intuitive controls than ever, including motion remotes and voice control, so no extra accessories or hardware is needed to navigate to what you want.

Aside from all the fun with apps, you also get features that make watching TV better. The screen can be divided into 2 or 4 quadrants that can be controlled independently for multi-viewing. You can also view a smart menu as you watch TV, allowing you to call up sports scores and other info while you watch your favorite show.

Suess Electronics offers Smart TVs from the best brands like Sony, Samsung, and LG, and our knowledgeable sales staff and installers will make sure you fully understand how to operate it before our job is done. Come in and check them out today!

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