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Outdoor Speakers

Create the perfect outdoor entertainment solution for your home and family
Coastal Source outdoor speakers

Outdoor entertaining isn’t the same without music. Thanks to a great line-up of outdoor speakers from Paradigm, Coastal Source, Yamaha and Niles — and Bluetooth-connected speakers from a variety of brands like Sonos — your options for sound in the great outdoors is practically limitless.

Beautiful Wisconsin weather can be hit or miss, so enjoy every last minute of it with your favorite music. It’s easy with Suess Electronics!

Outdoor Speakers

Landscape Speakers

Landscape speaker systems, like the fabulous Paradigm Garden Oasis, are perfect for evenly filling your entire yard with warm, rich sound. In fact, you’ll be surprised to find the sound in your backyard is as good as the hi-fi in your living room! You get the full range of sound reproduction, thanks to the specially-designed, fully weatherproof speakers and the sub-ground subwoofer that provides robust bass.

But the real selling point for Garden Oasis landscape speakers is the discreet look. These low-profile speakers blend perfectly into your landscape, preserving the natural beauty of your property. They are also a great option for adding music to an in-ground pool area.

Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor Speakers

If you don’t need speakers to be disguised into your landscape, you can choose from a variety of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers for outdoor structures like gazebos and pergolas. Speakers can also be mounted directly to the exterior walls or eaves of your home. All these models provide excellent sound reproduction and great all-weather durability.

Best of all, these speakers can all be controlled through a home automation system, making it easy to play your favorite music at the touch of a button.

Rock Speakers

Rock Monitors

These speakers rock — in more ways than one!

One of our most popular outdoor speaker solutions is the Rock Monitors by Paradigm. These speakers look very much like real natural boulders, making them the perfect way to blend great sound into a stone landscape space.

Rock Speakers

Terracota Planter Speakers

Planter speakers by Niles are a great option for decks and sitting areas. Experience exceptional sound quality and natural beauty in one! Fill these planters with soil and your favorite flowers. Then sit back, call up your favorite playlist and enjoy summer on the patio!

Sonos Move

Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

From large to small, Suess Electronics offers a wide variety of Bluetooth speakers. From larger models that pack a punch to ultra-portable models that fit in a purse, we make it easy for you to stream your favorite music anywhere!

Use them in your yard during a cookout, or pack them up to go and use them at the beach or on a boat. Our outdoor Bluetooth speakers offer excellent sound and the ultimate in portability.

Learn more about integrating music into your outdoor lifestyle!

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