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Suess Electronics is Northeast Wisconsin’s premier television dealer, with dozens and dozens of TVs of all sizes to choose from. We sell only televisions that offer the best in quality and reliability, from the most-respected brands like Sony, Samsung, and LG. We stock a wide variety of the best available television technologies. Wherever you want a TV — indoors and out — Suess Electronics has the perfect TV here in our store!

Why buy your next TV from Suess Electronics?

Not all TVs are created equal — or are built to last. This is exactly why we don’t carry a lot of the TV brands you see in the so-called “big box stores.” We don’t believe in TVs that are meant to be disposable when they break down. Every TV we carry is cherry-picked to meet our standards for performance, build quality and repairability. We even have our own master service center with trained electronics technicians here in-store. Should you ever have a problem with your TV, we are your service center. Not many stores these days can still say that!

TV Audio Solutions

Today’s TVs are getting thinner and thinner, and in most cases, so is the sound they produce. That’s why we typically recommend pairing your TV with some kind of external audio solution. Whether you’re looking for something minimal like a soundbar or a complete surround-sound experience, Suess Electronics can help bring your entertainment to life with bold, dynamic, room-filling sound. We carry a number of soundbars, wall-mounted or in-wall speakers, and bookshelf speakers to ensure the quality of sound you get from your TV matches the quality of the picture.

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