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Art Frame TVs

Beautiful 4K televisions that make a statement even when they're turned off.

Art frame TVs solve one of our biggest modern home design problems.

Big, beautiful 4K televisions are great for watching movies and TV shows, but what do you have when it’s turned off? A big, black, ugly rectangle taking up space on your wall. It can really be a drag on your living room’s overall decor.

That’s where art frame TVs come in. Once the show is over, that big space on your wall magically transforms into a literal piece of art — a stunning, framed work of art. It’s almost like you don’t have a TV in the room at all. When professionally-installed, the wires disappear and the frame sits flush to the wall like any other picture frame.

SunBrite outdoor TV

Art frame TVs are true design statements for the modern living room. Now you can enjoy movies, shows and sports with the bright, detailed 4K picture quality. Then afterward, the TV virtually disappears into your room, blending into your home decor. It’s the perfect intersection of design and function.

Suess Electronics sells high-performance art frame TVs from the industry’s leading names – The Frame TV from Samsung and Sony Bravia XR TVs with Studio Frames by Leon.

Art frame televisions by Samsung and Leon/Sony are not only beautiful but highly customizable for virtually any space. There are a wide variety of frame styles and finishes available to match your existing design and trim. You can also customize the artwork that is displayed on the television, as well as the virtual matting for a fully professional framed look.

These art frame televisions have additional distinct benefits over DIY TV frames. Samsung and Sony art frame TVs feature software that effortlessly brings your artwork to life when the TV is off, sensors to optimize brightness and save energy when the room is unoccupied, and also discreet cooling vents to protect your TV from overheating. Samsung Frame TVs also feature a 9:16 vertical mode for truly custom display options, and a special anti-reflection matte display.

Visit our showroom to see art frame TVs on display, as well as samples of frame and bezel finishes.

Turn your TV space into a work of art!

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