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Suess Electronics presents a wide range of the world’s best components for enjoying the wonders of music and movies. Our selection of products dedicated to accurate sound reproduction is one of the largest north of Milwaukee.

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At Suess Electronics, our product selection ranges from items at introductory price points to those representing the ultimate in state of the art equipment.

In over 65 years of business, we have seen hundreds of audio companies come and go, many with glowing ‘product of the month’ reviews. We represent only those companies who meet the test of time and who back up their products with great service, such as McIntosh, Paradigm, and Klipsch.

Let our years of knowledge and experience assist you in creating a system that can grow with you as you experience the joy high-performance audio has to offer! We can also integrate an outstanding music system into your home theater or media room, and provide ways to get the best whole-home audio from your favorite streaming services.

Visit our showroom, bring your favorite musical selections, and treat your senses to an unparalleled musical experience.

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