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Lighting Automation

Set the stage for any mood with easy lighting controls

lighting-controlsAdjust Your Home’s Lighting with the Touch of a Button

The role of lighting in your home is very important, not only functionally but aesthetically. Ambient lighting, lighting for tasks, and accent lighting independently and jointly play a role in the use and mood of your home.

Being able to control and blend these light sources according to your task, activity or time of day allows your home to adapt to you. Here are some great ways you can automate the lighting in your home:

Setting the Scene

  • When you wake, touch a “Morning” button that brings up dim lights in your bedroom, master bath and closet that gradually increase in brightness.
  • For quiet evenings at home, turn on task lights to read or do hobbies, and accent lights to maneuver around your home.
  • Entertaining friends? With the touch of a button, dim the lights and turn up accent and colored lights to transform your space into a lounge.

The “scenes” you can set are limited only by your imagination, and you’ll never want to go back to a plain old light switch.

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Automated lighting is just one of the benefits of home automation. Talk to our smart home experts today!

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