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Meet Our Experts

A better buying experience starts with our people.

Electronics is all we sell, so we know home entertainment technology better than anyone in the area.

When working with Suess Electronics you get the service and personal touch you’d expect from a family-owned business that’s been around for more than 65 years. You also get the professionalism and quality of work you’d expect to only get from a large, high-end home integrator. We’re the best of both worlds, and our mission is to listen and deliver exactly what you need. Scroll down to meet our sales team, installers and service professionals. It’s nice to meet you!

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George Webster - Suess Electronics

George Webster

george.webster (at) suess (dot) com

Mike Walesh, Suess Electronics

Mike Walesh

mike.walesh (at) suess (dot) com

Adam Metcalf

adam.metcalf (at) suess (dot) com

Rick Volkman, Suess Electronics

Rick Volkman

rick.volkman (at) suess (dot) com

Justin Hansen

justin.hansen (at) suesselectronics (dot) com



Terry, Suess Electronics Installer


Jason, Suess Electronics Installer


Jake B., Suess Electronics

Jake B.

Chris, Suess Electronics Installer



Max M.

Tyler, Suess Electronics


Isaiah, Suess Electronics



Bruce D., TV Repair, Suess Electronics

Bruce D.

Bob G., Stereo Repair, Suess Electronics

Bob G.