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Reliable connectivity for today's modern homes
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In today’s modern homes, reliable networking is a necessity. Our lives are more connected than ever, reliant on a dependable connection to the Internet. We work from home, stream video programming to every TV in the house, use IP-based phone services, run smart home technology and more. Where once we only had a handful of devices connected to the Internet, now it’s not uncommon for a typical home to have well over 100 devices connected to a home network.

It’s more important than ever to have a robust home network you can count on, for speedy Internet access and also personal data security.

But not all network hardware is created equal.

Araknis Networks

We design, wire and install home networking systems with commercial-grade Araknis routers, switches and access points. Our home networking experts can get you the Internet speeds you need with reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house. Unlike the residential home Wi-Fi routers or mesh wireless kits you might buy off the shelf at most stores, our systems are designed with today’s larger, more complex homes in mind.

Our experienced team of installers can install or retrofit network wiring in most homes for optimal network speed, and place access points in the right places in order to ensure dependable wireless connectivity where you need it.

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