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Smart Climate Control

Experience effortless comfort with a smart thermostat
Automated Climate Control

An automated system that adapts to how you live, and controls your home climate for you.

Sounds like something futuristic, doesn’t it? But the future is now. Today’s automated climate control systems are remarkably intuitive.

An automated climate control system doesn’t just help ensure you and your family are comfortable; it can also help reduce your home’s energy consumption.

Beyond a Smart Thermostat

Many smart thermostats can cycle through different temperatures as programmed throughout the day, but a climate control system goes beyond that.

When a smart thermostat is integrated with your home automation system, your home’s temperature can automatically adjust based on what’s happening in your house, or even adjust based on the rising and setting of the sun.

If you press a button to turn off all lights in your home, your thermostat will know you’re going out and can set an “away” temperature. It can also turn on fans automatically when heating or cooling needs to be made more efficient.

Smart Thermostat
Motorized Shades

Integration of Motorized Drapes and Shades

Sunlight makes a huge impact on the energy your home consumes, and the heat it produces can either be a help or hindrance when it comes to your energy bill. Your smart thermostat and automation system can monitor the circadian rhythm and the seasons to control your motorized shades appropriately.
In the summer when glaring sunlight can heat your home and cause your air conditioning to work overtime, your climate control system can close blinds when the sun is at its strongest. In the winter, it can open shades during the day to let in the sunlight’s warmth, but then close them when it gets dark early to preserve privacy.

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