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Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Get a bigger picture than traditional TVs quickly and easily!
Ultra Short Throw Projector size comparison

Want a really big theater-quality picture in a space that isn’t quite right? Maybe you don’t want a big, heavy TV taking up space in your room. Or perhaps you don’t want the expense or hassle of running electricity and cables for a custom home theater. Now you can get a bright, detailed 4K Ultra HD picture larger than 100 inches in just about any room with an ultra short throw projector or laser TV from Suess Electronics!

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What is an ultra-short throw projector?

Samsung Ultra Short Throw ProjectorUnlike traditional home theater projectors typically mounted on a ceiling, an ultra-short throw projector sits on a piece of furniture below the screen. The technology is exactly what it sounds like — it can throw a big, beautiful picture of 120 inches or more straight up to the screen from mere inches away from the wall. There are even special media cabinets that can hide the projector from view to make for a completely clean, uncluttered appearance. No bulky projector hanging from the ceiling. No fishing wires through the walls. It’s a home theater you can literally pick up and take with you when you move.

And also unlike home theater projectors, ultra-short throw projectors are truly an all-in-one TV replacement, with TV tuners and great speaker systems built right in. While you can add HDMI peripherals like a 4K Blu-ray player and a separate sound system if you’d like, you can literally watch your favorite shows and movies right out of the box.

You would think that such a cool technology would sacrifice picture performance, but it doesn’t! You can get a bright, beautifully-detailed 4K Ultra HD picture with lifelike high dynamic range from a compact, easy-to-place UST projector. You can even place these projectors in bright spaces like a living room with no impact from ambient light when matched with an appropriate screen.

Samsung Ultra Short Throw Projector

We carry projectors from the best manufacturers in the industry, Epson and Hisense, renowned for their quality and value. You can get a huge, cinema-like display for thousands less than a similar-sized traditional television.

Stop into our showroom at Suess Electronics and experience an ultra-short throw projector side-by-side with a television and see the difference!


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