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TV Repair

Factory-Authorized Television Repair Performed Locally in Appleton, WI
Suess Electronics - TV Repair

Call us old-fashioned, but here at Suess Electronics, we still do TV repair ourselves – and we like it that way! In fact, we’ve been servicing TVs here in Appleton for over 70 years.

Today, we’re one of the rare consumer electronics stores that still runs a dedicated Master Service Center on-site. We’re Northeast Wisconsin’s trusted destination for high-quality TV repair.

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Why choose Suess Electronics for your TV service?

Local, In-store service
Many big box stores ship your TV out-of-house (or more likely, out-of-state) to a separate repair facility. We operate our own service department here in our store.

Component-level repair
Some repair shops simply choose to replace larger parts like circuit boards, even when the malfunction is limited to a small component on those boards. Our expert technician can actually fix the small component-level issues (like failing capacitors) that are actually making those parts defective. That often means a cheaper repair bill!

Choice parts
When a larger part like a circuit board does need to be replaced, some repair shops will employ used or factory-harvested parts. We choose to service your television with factory-rebuilt parts to ensure optimal performance and a longer operating life.

Seasoned expertise
Our dedicated, full-time TV technician undergoes extensive and continuous training to stay on top of the latest technology.

Warranty service
We service what we sell, which is one of the best reasons to buy your TV here at Suess Electronics. When you buy a Sony TV with us, we are your factory-authorized service center. Your TV stays right here in your community.

TV not working like it should? Call Appleton's local TV repair experts!

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