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Whether we’re traveling on an airplane or sitting back for a relaxing evening with your record collection, headphones help us tune out the world and enjoy our favorite tunes. If you choose the right headphones, you can experience rich, immersive audio that rivals your expensive home audio system.

We carry a hand-picked selection of premium headphones from world-renowned audio brands, like Bowers & Wilkins. All of our headphones are engineered to bring you superior sound reproduction at home and on the go.

Bowers & Wilkins PX7

Want to go wireless? We have a number of models to choose from that don’t sacrifice sound quality for convenience. Bowers & Wilkins’ wireless headphones provide true high-fidelity sound with aptX™ Bluetooth® technology, while providing great rechargeable battery life for many hours of music enjoyment. On-ear controls enable you to leave your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet stowed away while staying in control of your playlist. You can even take phone calls, if you can tear yourself away from your music.

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