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Get Northeast Wisconsin‘s free over-the-air TV channels with a TV antenna professionally-installed by our expert technicians

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Plenty of free TV programming and no cable bills!

There’s more programming choices available over-the-air than ever. Between all the broadcasters serving the Green Bay and Appleton Wisconsin market, there are over 30 free TV channels* to enjoy.

Are you ready to “cut the cord?”

Before there were cable and satellite, there was broadcast TV. You may remember getting a tiny handful of channels on an old pair of “rabbit ears” back in the 80’s. Well the humble antenna is back in a big way, and it’s better than ever. If fact, many now prefer free TV to their old subscription TV service!

Since the digital television transition in 2009, an increasing number of households are having TV antennas installed. It’s one of the fastest-growing sources of TV programming in homes all across Northeast Wisconsin! It’s no wonder – the number of broadcast channels available with an antenna has exploded in the past few years, making over-the-air programming a great combination of choice and cost-savings.

Besides all the great local networks you already know like ABC and FOX, there are new digital “subchannels” with programming for virtually all tastes. Cooking and lifestyle shows, classic sitcoms, mysteries, westerns, uplifting religious programming, and feature films are all available to you free of charge when you install an antenna. There’s even a locally-focused 24-hour weather channel!

Antenna reception can be tricky

But over-the-air reception is not without its headaches. Depending on where you live, it can be difficult to get the channels you really want. This is especially true since broadcasting turned digital, because good signal reception can mean the difference between seeing that fourth-quarter touchdown catch or seeing nothing at all. The choices of antennas have never been more plentiful, but many of these models are not of good quality.

The optimal combination of the right antenna and the right placement for your location is a science, and it can be as unique as a fingerprint. Many factors impact your reception – the distance from the broadcast towers, the topography of your area, the design of the antenna, where it is installed and so on. All these factors matter, so getting great signal strength for all of Green Bay’s broadcast channels is rarely a do-it-yourself kind of job.

Let us install the right antenna for your home

At Suess Electronics, we’ve been installing antennas for decades, and have experts on staff that are trained and experienced in antenna installation. We also carry the industry-leading antenna models that work best for homes all over Northeast Wisconsin. We will do everything we can to make sure you get good reception from as many available local channels as possible.

Our technicians will take all the factors that affect signal strength into consideration when installing your antenna. We can measure different spots around your property to ensure we are placing an antenna in the best spot for signal reception. We’ll also make sure your antenna is installed securely and safely.

* Available channels and signal strength can vary due to many factors. Call us at 920-733-6464 to learn more.

Don’t have to give up the convenience of a DVR when you cut the cord.

Suess Electronics is Northeast Wisconsin’s preferred dealer for TiVo, the leader in DVR technology. We carry a TiVo DVR that is designed specifically for antenna users.

A better DVR. TiVo will blow your old cable box out of the water with its powerful unified entertainment system. Not only can you record your local broadcast shows, you can stream all your favorites from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more, bringing all your entertainment together in one super-simple menu. It packs plenty of space for all your favorite shows with its spacious built-in hard drive. Plus with SkipMode™, you can fly right past entire commercial breaks with the push of a button on select programs, and you can binge-watch 30% more shows with TiVo’s QuickMode™ feature!

4K Streaming apps built-in. Many cord cutters supplement broadcast TV with a variety of streaming apps, and TiVo brings all your favorite apps together with your over-the-air TV in one super-simple interface. And if you have a 4K TV, you can take advantage of 4K Ultra HD streaming from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube and more. With the power of OneSearch™, TiVo searches across all these popular apps, plus your local broadcast recordings and live TV simultaneously. It’s never been easier to find the programming you want to watch!

A better remote. Control your entertainment with the simplicity of your voice! Use the TiVo remote to change channels and search across live, recorded and streaming TV. It’s a simple, easy way to get right to your favorite show.

A better multi-room experience. Expand your TiVo experience to any room by adding TiVo Mini devices to other TVs around the house. Access your live TV and recordings, as well as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, YouTube, Pandora and more, and enjoy the ease of navigation with the TiVo remote.

Expert Installation. Our trained installers can install and set up your TiVo alongside your new antenna and get you up and recording easily!

TiVo Mini

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We had just purchased our home and did not want cable. There were wires that we did not know what they were for. [Our installer] figured out what we needed for the antenna (which worked out perfect) and eliminated all those other wires. Now all the hookups are ready if we ever need them. He explained to me everything he was doing (which I appreciated) and why. Also helped with programming the TV and adjusting the color. We are completely satisfied with the work he did and was a very nice person!

Sharon J.

Kaukauna, WI

We recently had a TV and antenna installed by Steve. We found him to be very courteous, professional and knowledgeable. What a valued employee you have in him.

Denis R.

Green Bay, WI