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Whole Home Audio

If your house doesn’t feel like a home without music, implementing a whole house audio system will make your house come alive, and allow you to change your home’s atmosphere to match your mood or activity.

Best of all, speakers for a distributed audio system can be installed in ceilings throughout your home to deliver music in the most inobtrusive way possible. And it can all be controlled from a tablet or smartphone via a home automation system.

Multiroom Audio

If you’re interested in multizone audio without the commitment of in-wall wires and speakers, a wireless multiroom audio system may be for you.

Stream music from your personal collection, or your favorite internet radio stations or streaming music services like Pandora or Spotify.

With the creation of audio “zones,” you can choose to play the same music throughout your home, in certain rooms only, or play different music in every room or zone – even with wireless multiroom audio.

Relax with your favorite music, entertain guests, and let your kids control their own rooms. Enjoy multiroom audio that breathes life into your home.

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