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Whole Home Audio

Fill your home with music with the simple tap of a smartphone!

If your house doesn’t feel like a home without music, implementing a whole home audio system will make your house come alive, and allow you to change your home’s atmosphere to match your mood or activity. And it’s as simple as a few taps of your smart home. A whole home audio system can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like.

Wireless Speakers

The simplest and most cost-effective solution is adding a variety of wireless speakers to different rooms of your home. All wireless speakers we carry can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network, but most can also be hard-wired for increased reliability. We carry a wide variety of wireless speakers to suit every room and listening preference, from compact models to more powerful stereo speakers. Many smaller wireless speakers can also be paired together in a room for a fuller stereo sound. Once the speakers are connected to your network, it’s as simple as choosing the music in your favorite app and then which speaker or speakers to use. Select one room, or every room!

Wireless Multiroom Audio Speakers

Distributed Audio Systems

While we carry many wireless speakers to suit every room and decor, many customers want a cleaner, less cluttered look. That’s where a distributed audio system integrated into a smart home comes in. Our designers can guide you to a plan for adding discrete in-wall or in-ceiling speakers in any room you desire, and all of them are professionally-wired into one centralized audio system that can be controlled with an app or even your voice! 

Our in-wall speakers don’t sacrifice performance for looks — these are high-quality speakers engineered by the top brands in home audio. Add rich, dynamic sound to any space — from the living room to the shower — with speakers that blend right in and take up no surface space. It’s an elegant solution that literally rocks the house!

See (and hear) our wide selection of whole home audio products in store

We carry the best and most reputable brands in home audio speakers and amplifiers, and our showroom is the best place to start when thinking about a whole home audio system. We invite you to stop in and listen to our wireless and in-wall speakers. Our experts will answer all your questions and help you select the right components for your home. Then let our veteran technicians install and configure your system for you. A home full of beautiful music doesn’t get any easier than Suess Electronics!

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