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If you’re looking to make your home a smart home, start at Suess Electronics! We’re experts in home automation, and we make all sorts of homes smart – both new construction and existing homes.

While some big box stores sell gadgets that connect to your WiFi and come with apps, they don’t make for a completely integrated smart home. A smart home is not just a house where you can adjust the thermostat with your phone, or turn on your TV with an app. If you have to use five different apps to set the mood for a relaxing evening at home, what’s smart about that? A smart home is one that integrates a variety of smart systems and equipment in a way that allows them to communicate with each other, make adjustments on their own, remain easy to use, and enhance your overall quality of living.

Imagine a “movie night” scene that dims the lights, lowers the blinds, turns on and sets your home theater components for movie viewing, and adjusts the thermostat to a cozy temperature – all with the touch of a button or a smart screen. That’s a truly smart home, and the possibilities for convenience tailored around your lifestyle are truly endless. We are Wisconsin’s largest dealer for the industry leader in smart home automation – Control4.

With a Control4 home, you can combine and control various systems, such as lighting, music, security, climate and more. Control4 systems are smart and scalable, meaning you can start with one room and add on as your needs change, or do a whole house from the start.

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