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Upgrade your TV with bold sound!

As televisions keep getting thinner, invariably so does the sound quality. Without the space for quality built-in speakers, TV sound can be dull and lifeless.

But getting better sound doesn’t mean having a room full of big, obtrusive speakers. If you want fuller, more dynamic sound with clear dialog and great bass, a soundbar is a great option. These low-profile speakers sit in front of your TV, or mount to the wall underneath your TV, and provide rich, room-filling sound without taking up a lot of space.

But not all soundbars are created equal. A cheap, badly-designed soundbar can sound just as thin as your TV speakers. At Suess Electronics, we hand-pick the best soundbars from the top brands in sound, all designed for true sound performance and easy operation.

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bar
Goldenear SuperCinema 3D Arrays
Yamaha BAR 400 Soundbar
Sonos Arc Soundbar

Wireless Expansion

Many of our soundbars offer the opportunity to expand their sound even further with wireless capabilities. Some come with a wireless dedicated subwoofer to add additional depth and bass, while others give you the ability to connect wirelessly with satellite speakers for more realistic surround sound.

Advanced Features

Soundbars aren’t just great for movies. Connect your phone via Bluetooth and play your favorite music wirelessly whenever you want to. Some soundbars also give you the ability to connect to your home network for easy music streaming with Apple AirPlay or Spotify Connect. 

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