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Don’t just get a home theater – get a true cinema experience

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You want a projector that is going to deliver all the brilliance and clarity that makes watching a movie in a theater so captivating and immersive. We get that, and that’s why we offer only the best brands of projectors, including those made by Epson – rated the #1 brand of projectors in the U.S. – and Sony, which provides quality options in regular HD and 4K projectors.

4K Projectors

We offer 4K projectors from Sony. Sony’s consumer level 4K projector was selected as a Top Pick by Sound & Vision magazine, who called its image quality “eye-popping.” Did you know most screens at your local movie theater are only 2K? You can have a true cinema-quality experience with native 4K projection in your very own home!

Projectors Mean Easy Maintenance

Projectors should be easy to maintain and control, which is why we service projectors we sell and offer easy control through home automation systems. Need a new lamp? No problem. We’ll either have one in stock or order it for you. Want to experience life without lamp changes? Go laser! Projectors with laser light sources provide brilliant picture quality and they never need new bulbs!

Add-Ons to Enhance Your Viewing Experience

Want to watch movies in the ultra wide format, native to public movie theaters? No problem. We offer lenses from Panamorph that integrate seamlessly with your projector to deliver a spectacularly wide picture.

Need a better way to store and catalog your movie collection? We offer Kaleidescape’s easy to use home entertainment servers.

Not Just For Dark Rooms Anymore

The common wisdom used to be that you needed a sufficiently dark space in order to use a projector. This is not the case anymore. With improvements in projection technology, paired with new screen materials, you can enjoy the real big screen picture you desire in practically any environment. This includes great rooms with large windows and conference rooms with bright overhead lighting.

New screen materials by manufacturers like Screen Innovations reject ambient light and only reflect the light put out by your projector. No more washed out, hard-to-see images even in the harshest environments. Just sharp, gorgeously detailed, bright picture that rivals flat screen TVs.

Conference projector room

Whether your application is commercial or residential, you can rely on a combination of quality equipment and expert installers.

Many Models On Display

You can read specs and reviews online, but you can’t make an educated choice for your next projector unless you see it in person. We have multiple functioning home theater rooms here in our showroom, equipped with the latest projectors and high-quality theater screens, as well as theater-grade Dolby Atmos surround sound. Come in and request a demo, and we’ll show you why a projector is the best choice for the true home theater experience.

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