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Outdoor Audio, Video, Shading and Lighting

Outdoor TV

Weatherproof televisions are growing in demand, especially here in Wisconsin. It makes sense – we want to enjoy every second of the beautiful weather we can.

These televisions are designed specifically to do what ordinary televisions can’t. They stand up to the extremes in weather, from snow, ice, rain, heat and cold. Once you install it, you can enjoy your favorite shows outdoors without the worry of moving the TV when the weather changes. They are also engineered to bring the best picture brightness and visibility in your outdoor space, with models designed for both covered or shady places and even in full sunlight. That’s something a normal TV can’t give you.

Why get an outdoor TV? Just imagine being able to sprawl out on the patio on a sunny summer afternoon watching the ball game. Or enjoy an evening under the stars catching up on your favorite show while relaxing in your hot tub. And then there’s tailgate season, where you can grill out with your friends with the best views of the game in stunning 4K Ultra HD.

It’s no wonder why our customers who have had an outdoor TV installed tell us they wish they’d done it sooner!

Outdoor Audio

We offer a wide variety of speaker systems that are perfect for turning your patio into a sunny listening room for your favorite music.

Portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers from trusted brands like Sonos and Sony bring premium sound quality to any space – indoors, outdoors, and even on the road. There are a wide range of models available with different sizes and features to suit your particular needs.

But if you’re looking for the ultimate backyard music system, nothing beats the ease and clarity of an installed landscape speaker system. These discreet speakers, installed by our experienced technicians, deliver the same kind of rich, vibrant music you expect from your indoor stereo system, playing evenly all through your yard. No charging, no carrying speakers in and out… all it takes is a tap of your smartphone and you’re enjoying music outdoors.

Outdoor Lighting

If you want to enjoy your yard well into the evening, a simple wall sconce light by the patio door just isn’t going to cut it.

Visit our showroom and discover what a professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting system can do to enhance the aesthetics, safety and security of your yard. Suess Electronics can deliver a customized lighting plan that not only provides illumination for your evening relaxation but also highlights the beauty of your yardscape.

We offer a variety of lighting fixtures to bring your desired lighting design to life, including uplights, downlights, canopy lighting for trees, hardscape lighting for decks and retaining walls, and more.

Don’t just light your yard — create an ambiance that takes your outdoor gatherings to a whole new level. It’s easy… with a little help from Suess Electronics!

Outdoor Shading

While Wisconsin summers are thoroughly enjoyable, sometimes the brightness and heat of the sun can be intense. You want a solution that lets you easily enjoy the beauty of your yard while controlling the temperature and brightness of your patio.

Professionally installed manual or motorized shades can be a game changer for the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. Suess Electronics sells and installs a variety of shading solutions to bring sunlight and temperature control, as well as enhanced privacy, to your yard and patio.

Our expert design staff can help you plan shading solutions for your space, choose the right system and fabric, and coordinate installation. Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy a cooler, more enjoyable patio.

Our experts are ready to help.

If you’re ready to transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis, we’re ready to make it a reality. Just give us a call or fill out the form to get started.


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