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Outdoor Televisions

Tough, weather-resistant televisions that stand up to our harsh Wisconsin weather.

In the summer it can be difficult to choose between spending time outdoors and watching your favorite television shows, movies, or sporting events.

With televisions engineered to be mounted outdoors, you don’t have to choose!

Outdoor televisions are feats of engineering, and can withstand temperatures well below zero and well above 100°F. They also tolerate rain, snow and sleet, and are impervious to bug infestations. Perfect for us here in Wisconsin!

SunBrite outdoor TV

But the smart structural make-up of these televisions isn’t the only reason they’re great outdoors. The picture on an outdoor TV is enhanced to have maximum brightness and contrast that allows you to watch your favorite shows even in direct sunlight.

Outdoor televisions make great additions to outdoor living areas, kitchens, pool areas or lounge areas. Wouldn’t you rather watch the game on your deck or patio in nice weather than sit inside on the couch?

Another great use for hardy outdoor TVs is durable, affordable outdoor signage for businesses. Both SunBrite and Seura outdoor televisions are used in major sports arenas around the country.

Outdoor televisions are a great no-fuss way to enhance your outdoor living space. With many different sizes, and wall-mount or stand-mount options, they can be placed almost anywhere. And their hardy construction means that you don’t have to take them down for winter – even in Wisconsin!

Enjoy your outdoor spaces more with an all-weather TV!

Let us professionally install your outdoor TV.

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