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Surround Sound

Add Impressive Sound To Your Theater or Media Room

Whether the movie you’re watching has graceful, costumed dancing or giant robots destroying a large city, sound is what makes that picture come alive. That means having a proper sound system in your home theater is of the utmost importance.

audio-home media living spaceIn our showroom you’ll find 6 different home theater models for you to explore. Each theater has a sound system from a different brand or range so you can experience a variety of choices for yourself, and so we can compare and discuss what will work best in your space.

You may want your audio components to be a showcase in your home theater, or prefer that they be hidden. Either way, we can accommodate both aesthetic requests and anything in between. We have a variety of floor and stand speakers for a robust sound system with presence, as well as many options for hidden or wall-mounted speakers for a sleeker, more minimal look.

Looking to set up a minimally-invasive surround sound for your media room or den? We also have wireless speaker options that allow you to customize and expand your surround sound system without cords or wires.

Component Display & Mounting Options

Visible Floor and Stand Speakers

Hidden Speakers

Wall-Mounted Speakers

In-Wall Speakers

Let our experts bring immersive surround sound to your home!

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