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Surveillance Camera Systems

Peace of mind through easy video monitoring of your property

IC Realtime Surveillance Camera Systems

A wide variety of surveillance cameras and recording systems to monitor your home or business.

The ability to keep a constant set of eyes on your property is more valuable than you may know. From general security to being able to check in on your home while you’re away, good surveillance cameras accessible from anywhere provide complete peace of mind.

Suess Electronics has a wealth of experience in the design and installation of surveillance camera systems for any residential or commercial application, from simple fee-free wireless cameras for the casual homeowner to more elaborate multi-camera recording systems for high end homes and business settings.

We partner with the best manufacturers in surveillance camera technology, including industry-leader IC Realtime, to provide you with reliable, cutting-edge surveillance solutions tailored to your unique needs and budget.

IC Realtime wireless home surveillance cameras
IC Realtime wireless home surveillance cameras

ICHome Wireless Cameras and Doorbells

Our most affordable camera options don’t slack on performance and picture quality. The ICHome line of products from IC Realtime provide commercial-grade camera solutions to the everyday homeowner, allowing a higher level of home security without all the monthly fees of the famous name competitors found at the big box stores.

There are a variety of cameras available for different locations around the home. The most popular option is the wireless camera doorbell, which not only lets you know who has arrived at your doorstep, but can also provide valuable deterrence to package thieves.

Orb cameras provide a 360 degree field of view with panning and tilt movement. With indoor and outdoor models of orb cameras, you can track an individual over a wide area with human detection and tracking. Active deterrence with loud high-decibel sirens and two-way talk features also provide additional security capabilities through the mobile app.

Wireless floodlight cameras give you the best of both worlds — a high-resolution fixed surveillance camera with a super-bright motion-activated floodlight for the ultimate in automatic home security.

IC Realtime surveillance cameras

Wired Camera Systems and Video Recorders

For the ultimate in reliability and performance in the most demanding situations, consider a wired camera system. For high-end homes, commercial businesses or other particular security needs, our experts can design and install a camera system consisting of multiple cameras and a digital video recorder. IC Realtime engineers their products for the rigorous demands of government security, so you can rest assured knowing that your property will be covered by the optics in the business.

IC Realtime surveillance cameras

Camera integration with a smart home

If you have a smart home, or are considering making cameras part of a new smart home system, be sure to give us a call. We specialize in surveillance cameras and fully-integrated smart homes, and can provide you with the guidance to make cameras an easy-to-use part of a complete smart home ecosystem. We have a full-size demonstration smart home right inside our store!

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We have a variety of surveillance camera solutions on display in our Appleton, Wisconsin showroom. Stop in and discover the camera solutions we have available to meet your specific needs. Our experts would be happy to come up with a custom plan for your home or business.

Keep an eye on your home or business from anywhere!

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