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Appleton flower thief caught on Suess-installed camera

Appleton flower thief caught on Suess-installed camera

Thieves don’t always break into a home to steal valuable items. There are lots of attractive targets outside the home as well – grills, bikes, patio furniture, and electronics to name a few. But believe it or not, plants are also a target of criminals.

Local news outlets reported this morning that an unidentified man has been stealing high-value plants from people’s yards around the City Park area in Appleton. If you watched the TV news coverage, you probably saw night-vision footage of the man taking plants from a porch area.

Luckily for police, one of the residents in the area had us install several ICRealtime cameras, including one in her porch area. These cameras are designed for day and night surveillance – even in total darkness, as seen in the news footage above.

These ICRealtime cameras also feature a very wide dynamic range, making it easy to capture detailed images even in challenging lighting situations. Think of a patio that is heavily shaded on a bright sunny day. Most cameras would only be able to see the porch area because the sunlight completely washes out the rest of the picture. ICRealtime cameras with wide dynamic range take two images simultaneously and combine them, giving you a balanced, well-defined image. They even elude criminals who use light tricks to fool the sensors of normal surveillance cameras.

Security cameras provide great piece of mind and can assist law enforcement in the event of criminal activity on your property. Many homeowners integrate cameras into a smart home automation system for an even greater level of security and convenience.

If you would like to know more about surveillance camera solutions for your home or business, give us a call at 920-733-6464 or stop in and see these cameras in action!