Bowers and Wilkins P5 Headphones

Bowers and Wilkins P5 Headphones

Bowers and Wilkins P5 Headphones

Nearly every audio device produced today has a headphone jack. Unfortunately, most headphones have become commodities: meaning they are made as cheaply (and thus sounding as cheaply) as possible. The B&W P5 headphones are the antithesis of this philosophy.

The English company Bowers and Wilkins is well know for their world class loudspeakers. They have extended their knowledge and expertise of loudspeaker design and philosophy into their P5 headphones. Unlike most head phones which are made from plastic, the P5 headphones are made from materials such as lamb skin ear covers, memory foam ear cups, and elegant (& light) stainless steel face plates. If you use an Apple iPhone, an inline microphone is included to allow you to make/take calls or talk with Siri.

A key feature we enjoy with the P5s are the noise isolation aspects. A rigid metal back and sealed ear-pads isolate you from the outside world just enough to maintain the dynamics in the music without totally isolating you from the outside world.

Another welcome feature is the memory foam ear cups. This is the same type of memory foam that is found in high end mattresses. The ear cups conform to your ears: it’s heavenly! When wearing the headphones, the headphones seem to disappear after awhile: leaving just beautiful music.

The sound quality is superb of course. In our listening tests with the P5s, smoothness, detail, imaging-all the qualities we expect from the best loudspeakers from Bowers. We noted the bass response was layered and accurate: not overly exaggerated as we sometimes find in lesser headphones.

In the box are an adapter to use the headphones with 1/4 inch headphone jacks as well as a quality quilted carry case meant to to be easily packed into a suitcase or briefcase. The cord and ear-pads are designed to be replaced in the future if they become worn. A spare cord is included.

In todays age: with all the distractions and complexities of life, it has become a rare pleasure to be able to literally ‘disappear’ into your music. The B&W P5 headphones allow this to happen effortlessly. Along with the superb build quality and materials the B&W P5 headphones become something you will be proud to own.


George Webster Suess Electronics