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Enjoy Summer More With A Connected Cottage

Enjoy Summer More With A Connected Cottage

Here in Wisconsin, as soon as the temperatures start warming up, everyone starts thinking summer. If you spend your weekends up north during the summer, you’re probably already thinking about preparing your cottage for the season.

But heading up to your “home away from home” doesn’t have to mean leaving all your favorite connected conveniences behind. You could enjoy all your favorite movies, music and more on the lake and under the stars with a few simple electronic upgrades.

Outdoor TVs

Whether you already have a TV inside your cottage, you really can’t take full advantage of the great summer weather if you’re watching indoors. Our bright and beautiful outdoor TVs do what no other TVs can – survive anything and everything Mother Nature throws at them! We’re talking rain, dust, snow, ice and temperature extremes.

Imagine enjoying the Brewers game while grilling out in the afternoon, and enjoying the latest blockbuster under the stars. Think of the possibilities! You could have the ultimate drive-in movie experience from the comfort of your hot tub!

TV Service

Unless you plan to only watch DVDs and Blu-rays, you’ll also want some kind of programming service to go with that TV. Picking up the nearest TV stations may be tricky if your cottage is in a remote area. That’s why it pays to work with expert technicians like ours who can install the right antenna for your application and make sure you get a reliable signal. And with a TiVo antenna-ready DVR, you can ensure you’ll have your favorite shows waiting for you when you’re ready for TV time.

Outdoor Speakers

Whether you’re entertaining or just soaking in some sun, music is a great summertime companion. There are plenty of great speaker options that are perfect for the outdoors. When you’re spending time close to the cottage, you can utilize speakers mounted to your exterior walls, speakers integrated into faux rocks or planters for a more discreet, decorative look, or even a more elaborate landscape speaker system that can be controlled with the tap of a smartphone. When you’re on the go, Bluetooth speakers are a great way to enjoy the music on your smartphone or tablet. There are even weather-resistant models that are perfect for the beach and the boat, and don’t mind an occasional rainstorm!

Cell Repeaters

The north woods feature some of the most scenic and peaceful surroundings you can find, but one thing you don’t often find way up north is strong wireless phone coverage. If you’ve ever wandered your property searching for more bars, you know this to be true. Cell repeater systems pick up what signal there is from the outside and amplifies it throughout your building. They not only boost voice service, but data service as well, and they work with all major cellular carriers.

They say life is better at the lake. With these simple cottage upgrades, that’s never been truer. Give us a call or stop by our showroom to learn how to stay connected – even when you’re on beach time!