Paradigm Signature Sub 2

Paradigm Signature Sub 2

August 23, 2012 Paradigm Signature Sub 2

Suess Electronics has been a Paradigm Speaker dealer for decades. The Canadian company known for their excellent performance, yet attainable prices compared to the performance has always been a Suess customer favorite. We literally have people come from all over the state to audition and purchase Paradigm speakers from us. With the research facilities, design know-how and passion for accurate audio, Paradigm knows how to recreate music accurately.

Enter the realm of subwoofers. Useful for both movies AND music, subwoofers are bass specialists. They are designed to recreate the low frequency effects from cinema or to bring out the bass energy often missing in your favorite music. Paradigm knows bass, and they know subwoofers. Subwoofers can be large black boxes: usually physics gets in the way and the larger the driver, the deeper the bass and the larger the box. Large black boxes usually don’t go well with other members of the family or the average home decor. However, Paradigm has figured out how to produce the best bass in the world, but from a cabinet that doesn’t dominate the room. The result: the Paradigm Sub 2. Rather than one large driver, it is comprised of six specially designed drivers. This allows the surface area of the woofers to equal one giant driver (and cabinet), but remain in an elegantly sized non room dominating cabinet with much tighter bass response than what some giant floppy driver could ever produce. Some of our customer’s have actually mistaken the cabinet for a fine piece of furniture!

The Paradigm Sub 2 in our listening tests produces mind boggling bass performance. Most subwoofers have a challenge to accurately re-produce 20hz. The Paradigm Sub 2 literally plumbs the depths to 7hz. With 4500 watts of continuous power and 9000 watts of dynamic peak means the Sub 2 will be like the Terminator: it will absolutely never ever stop! What we noticed is not just how ‘loud’ it goes: but instead how ‘effortless’ it played at normal listening levels. Listening to the Sub 2 with music is literally like being present with the musicians. With movies, the Sub 2 transports us into the movie where we just don’t ‘hear’ the bass, but also ‘feel’ the bass.

Paradigm considers the Sub2 to be the best subwoofer in the world. Period. All of us at Suess have to agree.

George Webster, Suess Electronics