Samsung UN60ES7500 LED Television Review

Samsung UN60ES7500 LED Television Review

Samsung UN60ES7500 LED Television Review

Over the last few years flat panel televisions have become ever more vivid, thinner and smarter. The Samsung UN60ES7500 60” LED television epitomizes this with one of the
most accurate, thin and smart televisions we’ve seen.


The Samsung UN60ES7500 has voice control. Literally say ‘Hi TV’ to turn on the television. Say “web browser” to go online. The television also utilizes a miniature built in camera that allow you to control the television with a gesture. Raise or lower the volume using your volume control. This same camera also allows you to Skype (video conference) your friends and family.


While most televisions offer some type of web browsing or internet content: we found that many can be glacially slow at this. This Samsung TV uses a dual core processor to web surf, call your friends, access menus and applications with speed. In our tests, we were pleased with how quickly we were able to interact with the television.


Although many flat panel televisions are thin: this is among the thinnest around. With the super thin bezel (frame around the screen) this 60” screen can fit in areas where previously only a 50” television was allowed.


With modern LED edge-lighting technology, the Samsung UN60ES7500 has one of the best pictures we’ve reviewed. Off axis viewing, while sometimes challenging with LED technology, is spectacular. Colors pop while the inky blacks still retain detail in dark movies and TV dramas.

We are impressed with the thinness, speed, accuracy and technology built into this Samsung and recommend stopping by to view for yourself.