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Six Reasons Why It Pays To Own A Tivo

Six Reasons Why It Pays To Own A Tivo

How many TVs do you have in your home? If you’re like the average household, you have at least three. If you have cable, you’re no stranger to a bill full of itemized charges for cable boxes and DVRs. (And even if you’re not paying to rent cable boxes for all your TVs now, you will be in the not-too-distant future.)

Did you know you don’t have to rent your DVR from the cable company?

You’ve probably heard the name TiVo before. They are to the DVR what Kleenex is to the tissue. TiVo pioneered the DVR and still lead the industry with innovative products.

Here are six big reasons why now is the time to make the switch from your cable company DVR to TiVo:

A unified TV experience

We’re living in a very different TV landscape than we were just a few years ago. Our viewing habits are more and more divided between traditional pay TV and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. That’s why the TiVo Bolt is actually a pretty revolutionary device, because it gives you the best of both worlds in one box. TiVo actually made it a point not to market the Bolt as a DVR, because it’s a whole lot smarter than that. This “unified entertainment system” not only records your favorite shows from cable but streams programming from all the popular streaming providers. The days of switching between inputs to watch a given show are over.

With its OnePass feature, you follow the shows you love, and TiVo will go out to your live TV program guide and streaming providers and bring together all available episodes of the show at a glance. Let’s say you have HBO in your cable package and wanted to catch up with Game of Thrones. With the TiVo Bolt, you’ll see all the previous seasons available on HBO GO right alongside new episodes recorded from live cable TV. You can jump right from season five into season six without skipping a beat.

Whatever you want to watch – whether it’s a movie or TV show – you can see if it’s available from any of the streaming services or your cable channels. That’s way more intelligent than a cable company DVR.


If you’re a DVR user, you’ve probably practiced the fine art of commercial skipping. Skip too little and you’re still watching commercials. Skip too far and you have to jump backward. It’s a really tricky thing to master. With TiVo’s new SkipMode, you can jump entire commercial breaks on select recorded shows with a single press of a button.

SkipMode works on the top 20 channels, including the major broadcast networks, AMC, Discovery, TBS and more. It’s one of those really convenient things that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.

4K Ultra HD

As more content becomes available and prices drop, more households are adopting 4K TV. In fact, almost half of American homes are forecast to have a 4K television in the next four years. Whether you have a 4K set now or not, TiVo Bolt has you covered now and into the future. It’s ready for Ultra HD right out of the box, taking advantage of the growing 4K content from providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Works with antenna or cable

The TiVo Bolt isn’t just for cable subscribers. If you ever decide to “cut the cord,” you can plug in your antenna and still enjoy all the same advanced control and recording features with your local over-the-air channels. With as many as 18 available Green Bay broadcast channels, many are finding TiVo and an antenna a great cost-saving combination. Even better – OnePass works on antenna too, so you can follow shows from ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox and bring them together with past season episodes on streaming services like Hulu.

Mobile access

The TiVo experience goes beyond the box with the iOS and Android apps. Watch TV in another room of your house on your iPad, or download recordings to your phone and take them with you wherever you go. The mobile apps give you the same unified search you’ll find on the TiVo Bolt itself, as well as the ability to schedule recordings and create watchlists from anywhere.

Multi-room savings

If you have multiple TVs in your home, TiVo system can really save you money on equipment leases and DVR fees. Instead of paying $12 per month per device plus DVR fees, you pay one low monthly subscription with TiVo (which is as low as $12.50 per month) – no matter how many TVs you use. You can easily add up to 12 TiVo Mini devices to other rooms in your home, and they share the same recording space and functionality as your main TiVo Bolt. Also, with TiVo, you own your own equipment. Why pay money every month to have set-top boxes on your TVs, only to have to return them all when you cancel your service?

Tivo monthly cost breakdown

Customers who make the switch from their cable company DVRs to TiVo absolutely love the experience. If you want to save money on your cable bill and enjoy a superior TV experience, now’s the time look at a TiVo system for your home. Stop into our showroom or give us a call at 920-733-6464 to learn how to replace your cable boxes with TiVo.