Suess Electronics Technology Night 2014: Oh What A Night!

Oh What A Night!

Oh What A Night!

Another Technology Night event is in the books, and what a fun one it was!

Throughout this three-hour event, guests explored the showroom and attended presentations on various aspects of home technology; from the premier of new products like Epson’s laser projectors and Paradigm’s Prestige speaker line, to explanations on topics like Dolby Atmos and 4K.

In addition to the presentations going on throughout the night, visitors were treated to food and beverages, and a chance to connect and interact personally with representatives from some of the best brands in home electronics.

Not only was the event a great learning opportunity, but it was a fun, social event that we were happy to host for our customers and members of the community.

Home electronics presentationParadigm premiered their brand new Prestige speaker line behind closed doors in our high-end audio room so visitors could listen undisturbed.
4K UHDTV Lineup presentation
For attendees who wanted to learn more about 4K, Sony gave an educational presentation that provided much-desired clarification.
Projector presentation with theater seating
Epson premiered their new laser projectors, and gave the history of how Epson as a company has evolved to the point of creating this new technology.
Projector presentation
GoldenEar and Integra teamed up to give a presentation on Dolby Atmos, which prompted a lot of great questions from those in the audience.
Control4 presents home automation demonstrating features in our automated model home.
Control4 explained what’s possible through home automation by demonstrating features in our 1,200 sq. ft. automated model home.
AudioQuest demonstrated quality cables through their Signal Preservation
AudioQuest demonstrated the importance of quality cables through their Signal Preservation presentation where guests could listen to the difference in audio quality as standard and quality cables were used.
Sonos brand Presentation
Sonos delivered a popular presentation on wireless audio for home entertainment, and explained how their speakers, playbar and sub can be used for wireless surround sound.
Verizon Wireless answers smartphone questions on the latest technology
Verizon Wireless was on hand to answer smartphone questions and educate attendees on the latest technology.







We got some great comments from our guests who loved the presentations, and learned a lot about topics that were previously unfamiliar to them. At the end of the night everyone gathered for giveaways. We had some great prizes from our wonderful presenters, and all together we awarded over $4,000 worth of prizes!

If you were unable to join us, you can get a sense of the spirit of the event by browsing the photos below.

guests loved the Home Audio presentations

Technology Night event brands, ForceField, Sono

Technology Night event snacks

Technology Night event

Home Electronics, Technology Night Event snacks

Technology Night event

Technology Night Event

Technology Night event

We hope you’ll be able to join us for our next Technology Night event, that will be announced for some time during Spring/Summer 2015. Until then, we wish you Happy Holidays from Suess Electronics!