Three new Green Bay broadcast channels await cord cutters

Three new Green Bay broadcast channels await cord cutters

Three new Green Bay broadcast channels await cord cutters

Fed up with cable bills? You’re not alone. Maybe you’re ready to join the growing number of “cord cutters” who are ditching their subscription TV service and going with a good, old-fashioned antenna.

While many cord cutting consumers choose to rely on online streaming services like Netflix, one shouldn’t overlook the wealth of freely-available TV shows and movies available over the air from local TV stations. Here at Suess Electronics, we’ve been helping a steadily growing number of Fox Valley TV viewers make the jump back to antenna television in the past year.

Since the advent of digital television a few years ago, local broadcasters have been adding additional “subchannels” to their lineup, and Northeast Wisconsin is no exception. WBAY offers a 24-hour weather station (2.2), and Wisconsin Public Television (WPNE) operates a pair of additional channels for local/educational programs (38.2) and lifestyle shows (38.3). NBC26 (WGBA) has also offered a variety of “retro” TV shows (26.2) for a while now.

Recently, NBC26 and sister station MyNEW32 (WACY) were acquired by a new parent company, and have since launched three all-new channels in Northeast Wisconsin. While these new channels may not offer the latest and greatest buzzworthy shows you’d find on cable television, they offer an extensive variety of programming for virtually every taste.

WGBA Channel 26.3
is a network dedicated to classic comedy TV and movies, including Spin CityEllenThe Drew Carey Show, and Empty Nest.

WACY Channel 32.2
offers movies and TV shows in the action and western genre. TV shows include Walker: Texas Ranger and Cisco Kid.

WACY Channel 32.3
‘s lineup of crime and mystery movies and shows includes long-running series like Forensic FilesUnsolved Mysteries and Crime 360.

These are exciting additions to the over-the-air landscape here in Northeast Wisconsin. There are plenty of other “multicast” networks out there that haven’t yet made it to our neck of the woods, so we may even see more channels available in the future.

Like most other digital subchannels, these new channels are available in non-widescreen standard definition only, so these new channels aren’t going to allow your great big HDTV flex its full 1080p muscle. But if you’re looking to ditch your cable provider, these new channels will give you plenty of great movies and shows to choose from.

If you are already using an antenna and don’t see these new channels, you will likely have to re-scan your TV channels.

Need a new antenna installed or want to upgrade an old one? Give us a call at 920-733-6464 or drop us a line below!

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