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Epson projector

Epson is the undisputed leader in the home theater projector category, being the #1 selling projector manufacturer world-wide.

In addition to offering a wide range of projectors suitable for education, business and home theater uses, Epson is continually innovating to bring better, more advanced and more user-friendly machines to market.

Recent innovations include reflective laser technology. Instead of a traditional lamp, an Epson projector uses two blue lasers (one refracted into green and red) to project the picture onto the screen.

Epson projector

This far surpasses the 3,000 hours of a traditional lamp projector. To put it practically, you could use these projectors for 3 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 27 years! That means you can forget about paying for replacement lamps.

The use of lasers instead of lamps brings on a whole new era in home theater technology. Some of the advancements include:

Epson laser projector

TV-Like Use

The lasers allow for quick on and off, which makes use much quicker, and more TV-like.

Quiet Operation

While lamps generate a lot of heat, the lasers operate much cooler. This allows for a much quieter fan to maintain a safe internal temperature, so the noise is not disruptive.

Ultra-High Contrast and Responsiveness

Thanks to reduced bleed and ambient light from the laser source, blacks are much darker and whites much whiter. The laser also allows quicker response to changes in brightness, which overall allows a consistent clear contrast.

More Colorful Entertainment

The use of blue lasers offers a wide swath of visible colors, including the full Adobe RGB spectrum and the DCI spectrum, which is the digital cinema standard.

Easy Picture Adjustment

Motorized lens adjustment and position memory allows you to pre-program settings for different aspect ratios, and quickly shift between them. Such a highly-adjustable lens also allows for more flexible installation, as the projector does not have to be directly perpendicular with the center of the screen. An additional feature found in the LS10000 model is pixel-shift technology. This shifting of pixels creates a simulation of 4K resolution, which allows you to get a resolution crisper than 1080p without the price of a full 4K projector.

As you can see, Espon is not only a leader in projector sales, but technological innovations as well. No matter your purpose or budget, Epson has a projector solution for you, including:

  • Short-Throw and Ultra Short-Throw
  • 3D
  • Classroom
  • Interactive
  • Large Venue
  • Portable
  • Home Cinema
  • Pro Cinema

See their variety of projectors here. If you’d like to see Epson projectors in operation, stop by Suess Electronics and allow us to show you our multiple dedicated home theaters fitted with Epson projectors.

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