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Sony Premium home set upSony continues to develop a wide range of home electronics. Some that you’d be familiar with, like flat panel televisions, and some that you might not be, like video projectors.

What makes Sony so special? Their reach from “Lens to Living Room”

Sony has the unique position of being both a content creator (Sony Pictures and Sony Music), as well as a home electronics manufacturer. In this way they cover the entire content process – from production to replication in your home. Wouldn’t you think that a company producing content would have a special advantage and desire to deliver that content in the best way possible?

Here at Suess Electronics, we carry a range of Sony products. Let’s delve into “The Big 3″ that you’ll find at our store:

Sony Projectors and 4K Projectors

Sony is a serious 4K contender, with their recent model racking up numerous accolades. Sony has a wide range of projectors available, making it easy to bring cinema-quality projection to any home or office. What’s more, Sony’s projectors are able to be easily integrated with home automation systems, and can be easily controlled.

Sony TVs

Sony is a leader in television technology, carrying a range of innovative 4K smart TVs. In addition to outstanding traditional LED models, Sony’s new OLED TVs boast unparalleled picture quality with the deepest blacks and amazing colors. Even more fantastic is the sound system, which vibrates the screen to create sound that truly emanates from the scene you’re watching. Sony has long been a leader in television, and that remains the case well into the 4K revolution.

Sony ES Audio and Video

The Sony ES line of home audio and video products give you performance and quality elevated to exceptional levels. ES products include televisions, projectors, loudspeakers and other components that are engineered to reproduce video and sound in a way that makes your home entertainment system simply captivating. Suess Electronics is the only dealer of these high-quality Sony ES products in our market area.

To see what Sony has to offer for your home entertainment set-up, stop into the showroom today. Experience Sony home technology for yourself.

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