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To Know Klipsch, You Have To Know The Man Behind It

The story of Klipsch underscores the significance of the company and their products in the quality audio world.

PWK_635072463046830000_mediumPaul W Klipsch built his first speaker at the age of 15. In 1946, by then a Stanford graduate and WWII veteran, Paul started his own company to produce his innovative corner horn speaker, dubbed the “Klipschorn.”

He built each speaker by himself, by hand, and this speaker is still produced by Klipsch today.

Klipsch is a proud American-made company, and their manufacturing facility is still located in Hope, Arkansas.

Klipsch’s most popular speakers are easily referenced by their distinctive copper-colored cones.

They offer several lines of home audio speakers, high-end audio speakers, and home cinema speakers.R-28F-SYS_635412126697000000_medium

They have a loyal fan base due to the quality of their products and their “no nonsense” attitude at producing high quality emotional sound at all costs.

One of the most respected names in the business, Klipsch speakers are built for extreme audiophiles. Stop into our showroom today to experience them in person.

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