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As a company LG is focused on creating products that, as their name suggests, make life good. When it comes to their televisions, this means pushing the boundaries of what is possible technically to give you the best possible image. They also bring something unique to the picture – OLED.

LG OLED W7 Wallpaper TV

The Difference on OLED

LG isn’t the only producer of OLED televisions, but they’re arguably the best. The difference between LED and OLED televisions is that LED televisions require a light source to provide light for the pixels and create the image you see. Because the LED’s aren’t as small as the pixels, one light lights up groups of pixels instead of individual ones. OLED televisions include organic compounds that are self-lighting. This allows each pixel to be lit individually.

While LEDs are slightly brighter, OLED technology allows for deeper blacks, which means more contrast. LED televisions can be created in larger sizes, but OLED televisions can be thinner and lighter than their same-sized LED counterparts.

The decision between OLED and LED is naturally one of personal preference, as you make comparisons in store.

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