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Suess Electronics offers the latest Samsung televisions. What’s more, we can also deliver, install, setup and service them. Samsung offers a number of cutting-edge home entertainment technologies.

Samsung Technology

Curved TV


Samsung’s curved screen reduces picture distortion and creates a panoramic effect that causes the picture to feel larger.

Smart TV


Explore the internet, connect to streaming television and movie services, and install apps – all from your TV. Streaming has never been easier!




Samsung offers a plethora of 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) televisions. 4K is the future of streaming content, television and movies, and Samsung is prepared! Futureproof your home with 4K televisions.



Samsung UHD televisions don’t just provide a good experience with 4K content – they are engineered to upscale standard definition and high definition picture to be crisper, clearer and more colorful.


Learn more about what Samsung has to offer by visiting their website, or stop into our showroom to see these beautiful televisions in person.


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