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Séura – Innovative Televisions Made In Wisconsin



Séura - Innovative Outdoor and Mirror TVs made in Wisconsin
Séura's owners - Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson

The Séura Story

Owners Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson met while they attended college at University of Wisconsin. In 2003 they got this crazy idea: create a TV that is stylish enough to blend in with decor, but advanced enough to perform up to customers’ expectations. Their first mirror television was born.

Based out of Green Bay, WI, production began in a garage with Tim and Gretchen as the only employees. Now they have a full-fledged production facility (still in Green Bay), and have expanded to include a line of quality outdoor televisions.

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Séura Mirror TVs

Original Mirror TVs

Séura is well-known for their many lines of mirror televisions. From Premier models that are fantastic in living areas to their various bathroom and in-shower models, these televisions are made to be sleek, stylish and stealthy.

Séura Outdoor TVs

Sophisticated Outdoor TVs

Séura’s Storm outdoor TVs are their latest innovation. Able to withstand rain, snow, cold, heat, dust and bugs, these TVs are as sophisticated as they are tough. And what better proving ground than Green Bay, WI?

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