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Control4 Smart Home Automation in Appleton, Wisconsin

Conveniences working in harmony for a more enjoyable life.

Think about your nighttime routine. You turn down the lights, turn off the TV, lock the doors, lower the shades, set back the thermostat and so on. What if you could press a single “good night” button on the wall that does all these things automatically? Imagine picking up your smartphone and putting your home to bed without getting out of yours. Wouldn’t that make life easy? That’s what a smart home gives you.

OneAppWelcome to smart home automation.

A smart home isn’t about gadgets and apps doing tasks. A smart home is capable of responding to your commands and intelligent enough to anticipate your needs. A smart home perfectly orchestrates all the different systems that control your home – your thermostat, home entertainment components, security system, lighting and so forth. They communicate with each other, make adjustments on their own, remain easy to use, and enhance your overall quality of living.

The brains of the operation

It’s all about integration. Any big box store can sell you gadgets that remotely set your home’s temperature or turn off your TV. Combine many of these into one home and it can be anything but convenient. You could find yourself navigating a half-dozen different apps just to get ready to go to bed. A truly integrated smart home is effortless control coordinated by a centralized “brain” that brings every part of your home together in harmony. A smart home sets the mood for an evening in, welcomes you home after work and keeps your home safe and sound when you’re away – simply and reliably.

Smart homes, designed and installed by smart people

Here at Suess Electronics, we know how to put you in total control of your home with the simple touch of a button. We carry and install the premier brand in home automation – Control4. Our expertise allows us to integrate smart home technology in new and existing homes at a price that’s far more affordable than you may think.

Let’s get smart.

Smart home technology is affordable convenience for new or existing homes. Visit our showroom for a demonstration, or contact us to talk to one of our smart home experts today! 920-733-6464

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