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Curved TV

Curved TV is one of the most drastic changes in the history of television technology. But what’s the curve all about?

Curved TV

Some people see curved TV as a gimmick, but there’s actually a good reason for it.

When you watch a traditional flat TV, there’s a degree of distortion happening because the picture on the edges of the TV is further away from your eye than that at the center of the TV.

The curved TV is designed so that the entire surface of the television is equidistant from your eyes. This eliminates distortion and the need to focus differently on different parts of the screen.

curved-TV-animation viewing angles
The shape also makes the picture feel much more immersive. If you’ve ever watched a movie on IMAX, the incredible picture isn’t just due to the size; IMAX screens are curved as well. It’s like the image on the screen wraps around your field of vision.

Top manufacturers like Samsung and LG manufacture curved TV models.

The picture on a 4K curved TV looks simply amazing, and curved TVs are offered in regular HD as well. You’ll also find curved LED as well as OLED TVs.

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