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Meet TiVo – a true 4K unified entertainment system for cable or antenna, ready for multi-room viewing

Admit it – you have a love/hate relationship with your cable company DVR. It may record your favorite TV shows and movies, but it’s far from intuitive and lacks the bells and whistles you expect. And when you want to stream programming from online services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, there’s the added frustration and annoyance of buying separate devices, switching inputs, and juggling remotes. What if there were one magic device that could bring everything you love in-home entertainment together in one sleek, elegantly-simple device?



The TiVo is more than a DVR – all your TV, available on-demand and streaming content comes together in one simplified and searchable experience. TiVo OnePass takes binge-watching your favorite shows to the next level, putting the entire series at your fingertips in one seamless interface that combines episodes from TV and streaming sources.

Add in TiVo’s trailblazing features like SkipMode and QuickMode, and you’re in total command of your entertainment experience.



The only thing more annoying than skipping through commercial breaks in 30 second bursts is over-shooting the program and having to back up. Now with SkipMode, you can perfectly skip entire commercial breaks in a single bound with the press of a button. (Available on select channels and programming.)



Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough hours in a day to catch all the TV shows and movies you want to watch? With TiVo’s new QuickMode, you can watch your shows 30% faster with pitch-perfect audio reproduction. That means no chipmunk-like voices – just crazy-efficient TV viewing!

4K Ready

4K Ultra HD Ready

TiVo is the perfect unified entertainment companion to your 4K Ultra HD TV. It streams super-crisp, ultra-high-definition right out of the box from major streaming services like Netflix.

Antenna or Cable

Works with Antenna or Cable

Whether you subscribe to cable or call yourself a “cord cutter,” there’s a TiVo for you. You can record your favorite cable channels or local broadcast television stations with an antenna.

TiVo Mini

A TiVo In Every Room

Add a TiVo Mini to each TV in your home for a true multi-room entertainment experience. Access your recorded shows and streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Plus, with no additional monthly service fees, you could save money off your cable bill.

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