A Case For The Corner Television

A Case For The Corner Television

A Case For The Corner Television

Nobody puts Baby in the corner! But putting a television in the corner might be an idea that even Johnny Castle would approve of. (Sorry, this subject begged for a Dirty Dancing reference.)

The corner has long been relegated as the last resort for TV positioning, but we’re going to show you several reasons why the corner is where it’s at.

How many homeowners have rooms that are perfectly laid out, with lots of open wall space for a television? Probably not as may as you’d think – especially once you throw a fireplace and picture windows into the mix. A lot of people get around this arrangement by mounting the TV above their fireplace, but this post is all about options. So let’s explore why the corner TV just might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Built-in for Added Storage and Display Space

A corner built-in might not be the first thing you think of to house a flat-panel TV, but a beautifully built system can provide much-needed storage space for movies and components, as well as decorative space.

Good Option for Juxtaposing a Fireplace and TV

If your living or media room contains a fireplace, you may have had to deal with dual focal points. The solution is often placing the TV above the fireplace, or in a cabinet alongside the fireplace. However, if you place your TV in a corner next to the fireplace this can drastically improve viewing angles, and allow for furniture arrangements that let you enjoy both focal points at once.

Mix it Up

Living room seating arrangements typically end up as a box shape that parallels TV placement. When your TV is placed at an angle with the rest of your room, it frees up your furniture arrangement. Placing furniture on diagonals to match the TV helps space feel less boxy and more cozy and conversational.

Solution for Lack of Wall Space

With today’s design tastes favoring open layouts and lots of windows, it can be difficult to find a sizable area of pristine, uninterrupted wall space on which to mount your TV. In open rooms with lots of windows, a corner may be your only real option – but don’t think of it as your last option. With proper design, it can end up making your room.

We hope these ideas provided some inspiration. For more, see our Corner TVs idea book on Houzz. You can also check out the Suess Electronics Houzz profile to see examples of our work.


*Featured Photo Credit: Anne Gummerson for Designline Interior Designers & Decorators.