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Gift Ideas For The Most Discerning Music Lover

Gift Ideas For The Most Discerning Music Lover

What do you get for the person who has everything (in the record store)?

If you have a music lover on your Christmas list, you have two options: try to guess at an album they’d love (and don’t already own) or get them something that will help them enjoy their music even more. If you chose the latter — good choice, by the way! — you don’t want to get them just any pair of headphones off the shelf at a big box store. Most of the audio products out there aren’t designed for authentic music reproduction. For someone who truly adores music, true high-performance audio products are the only way to go. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Wireless Smart Speakers

There are plenty of wireless smart speakers out there that speak fluent Alexa or Google, but not all that many of them sound all that great. That’s why it’s important to choose smart speakers by brands that are music-focused first, but build in the smart functionality as a bonus. Brands like Sonos and Yamaha make terrific products that will faithfully reproduce your music and respond to your voice commands. Some will even work with both voice assistants to seamlessly blend into your existing ecosystem. Great sound and super smarts = the best of both worlds!

Tabletop Radios and Music Systems

Even with all the smart speakers out there, good old fashioned radios are still quite popular. But for true music lovers, not just any radio will do. We carry a wide variety of products from Tivoli Audio, the leading manufacturer of stylish, high-performance tabletop radios and compact music systems. These radios not only sound great, but they are highly-sensitive and highly-stylish. These are speakers you can build your decor around, and they range from simple radios to multi-tasking music systems with CD players and Bluetooth built-in. Be sure to check out the new Revive speaker that combines great sound with a Qi-compatible wireless charger for your smartphone. It’s the perfect bedside companion!

Wireless Headphones

True audiophiles can be very selective about their home stereo equipment, so it stands to reason that they would be just as choosy about how they play their music on the go. Bowers & Wilkins is known around the world for pure audio performance, and that extends to their headphone line as well. They engineer their headphones with powerful drivers, long battery life, adaptive noise cancelling technology and luxurious comfort. These are uncompromising headphones for uncompromising music lovers. Take a listen for yourself here in our showroom and you’ll hear the difference.


There’s no doubt that vinyl is making a huge comeback, but not all turntables are created equal. In fact, the marketplace has been flooded with lots of cheap record players that, at best, don’t perform well and, at worst, can wreak havoc on your precious record collection. Vinyl is a passion, and it calls for a turntable engineered by passionate people. We carry a variety of very stylish, high-performance turntables by top names in the industry like Pro-Ject and Thorens, as well as the new high-tech MusicCast VINYL 500 from Yamaha that can wirelessly stream that warm, nostalgic vinyl sound to MusicCast speakers throughout the house.

Still not sure what to get that music lover? Visit our showroom — your total electronic playground — right here in Appleton, Wisconsin. Our technology experts would be happy to demonstrate all our high-performance audio products and help you pick the perfect gift for that discerning audiophile in your life!