Suess Electronics Holiday Shopping Guide

Suess Electronics Holiday Shopping Guide

Suess Electronics Holiday Shopping Guide

If you don’t feel like braving the crowds at all the typical stores this holiday season, and would rather frequent a smaller local business to get great service, good news! We’ve got some great gifts for all budgets that’ll leave your friends and family saying “Santa who?”

Electronics are always popular gifts for the holidays, but all are not created equal. If you want to get quality pieces that perform well and are going to last, we can help.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll find if you visit Suess Electronics to do your holiday shopping.

Bluetooth Speakers

Portable speakers have been among the most popular Christmas gifts for the last few years, and with smartphones in everyone’s pockets, that’s not going to change anytime soon.

We carry a wide range of portable bluetooth speakers from quality names like Sony, Klipsch and Soundcast.

With several types and sizes, you’re likely to find one to suit multiple people on your shopping list; from the tiny ones the size of a billiard ball, to the large OutCast weatherproof speaker with a 300′ range.

Radios and Clock Radios from Tivoli

If you’re looking for a gift that has both classic appeal and modern style, look no further than a Tivoli radio or clock radio. Tivoli manufactures some of the best-sounding table radios and clock radios you’ll find today. It’s why the Boston Globe said “Tivoli wins the contest for best tabletop radio on the market.” They look good, and sound even better.

Headphones and Earbuds

At any given time, we carry a range of earbuds and headphones from companies who know a thing or two about quality music reproduction – like Sony, Bowers & Wilkins and Paradigm.

In order to be sold in our store, they’ve gotta sound great. That rings true even for earbuds, which is why we carry a variety made by companies that create some of the best loudspeakers you can buy.

With the iPhone dropping its headphone jack, and other phones likely to follow suit, wireless headphones are becoming a hot item. It used to be that Bluetooth headphones meant a drop in audio quality, but that’s not necessarily the case anymore – if you pick the right models, that is. With improvements in Bluetooth audio technology and headphone design, you can take great sounding music with you wherever you go, without compromise or wires!

Wireless Music Systems from Sonos

If you’re looking for a gift that makes an impact, you’ll want to check out our wireless music systems. A music system like the one from Sonos consists of different size wireless speakers. Combine a variety of different speaker types and stream music from any source. Stream from one speaker, set up wireless surround sound, or place them throughout the home for whole-home audio.

Best of all, these systems are easily expanded upon. If you gift someone one speaker, the recipient can easily expand their system at their leisure, incorporating other speakers for other rooms as time goes on.



Vinyl is back in a big way, although you could argue it never really went away. Between the latest albums, special edition releases and re-issues of your all-time favorite classics, nothing beats the warmth sound and “sit back and listen” experience of putting on a record.

The sudden popularity of vinyl doesn’t come without its downsides, namely in the flood of cheap turntables you see in every store these days. The problem is that most of these turntables can actually do more harm than good to your vinyl collection.

So if you’re giving the gift of analog sound this holiday season, it pays to get a record player that is designed for performance. Not only will it give you or your loved ones years of worry-free playback, but all the models we carry make great aesthetic compliments to any sound system or room design. There are lots of designs, colors and feature sets to choose from, but our knowledgable audio experts can help you select the perfect model.


TiVo for cord-cutters

It seems like every subsequent year now is declared “the year of the cord cutter.” That’s probably because the subscription TV landscape has changed so radically even in the last 18 months, and people continue to jettison their cable subscriptions in large numbers.

If you supplement your Netflix subscription with an over-the-air TV antenna – and we’ve helped hundreds of households do just that in the past year – TiVo has a great affordable way to make sure you never miss your favorite shows.

The TiVo Roamio OTA is a dream DVR made just for cord cutters. It features four antenna tuners, tons of recording space, a really intuitive interface and super-easy integration with your favorite streaming services like Hulu and Amazon. Even better, there’s no monthly subscription fees to pay! Just buy the box and you’re ready to binge that new Netflix show or catch up on the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory. It makes a great gift for any TV lover in your life that has given up cable for good.


Give The Gift of Good Service

Are you thinking of buying electronics for someone, but don’t want them to have the hassle of setup? And how do you even get something like a flat screen TV to their home? Let us play Santa!

Purchase your gifts, then make arrangements with the recipient for us to deliver it! After the gift is given, we can even make arrangements to come back later and install it.

If you’re giving the gift of electronics this holiday season, shop small, where quality and service matters: right here at Suess Electronics.