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Five great tech gifts for Father’s Day

Five great tech gifts for Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, it’s time to rethink the tie.

Men of all ages are more tech-savvy than ever, so to show your dad you truly appreciate him, let’s think about gifts that are a bit more sophisticated than a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug.

Let’s take a look at some favorite gift ideas dad is sure to love, which you’ll find on display here in our showroom:

DVRs for cable and antenna

If your dad is a TV and movie fanatic, this is the year to think unified entertainment system. That’s what TiVo – the pioneer of digital video recorder technology – is calling their lineup of DVRs, and for good reason. TiVo not only records all your shows from antenna or cable, but it pulls together all your favorite streaming services like Netflix and Hulu for a true unified entertainment experience.

There’s a TiVo for just about any dad. The TiVo Bolt is also the ultimate accessory for a 4K TV because it’s ready to stream all that killer Ultra High Definition content right out of the box. Perhaps your family has cut the cord and your dad still wants to record new episodes of This Old House. The Roamio OTA is the perfect antenna companion, and best yet, it comes with a lifetime TiVo service subscription so there’s no monthly fees to pay.

Let’s not forget about the much talked about SkipMode, which allows you to skip entire commercial breaks on select shows with the press of a button. Other handy additions include QuickMode, which allows you to buzz through your recorded programs 30% faster, as well as unified search and recording features that span linear and streaming programs.

Wireless Music Systems

Family life is busier than ever. Wireless music systems are the perfect way to bring music into busy households because it can truly follow you from room to room (or fill the whole house). Combine a variety of different speaker types and sizes, and stream music from any source. Stream to a single speaker, set up wireless surround sound, or place them in different rooms and fill your home with music. Whole-home audio is becoming one of the hottest items with music lovers, streaming radio junkies and families in general.

Best of all, you can easily expand these systems over time. Give dad one speaker to start, and he can add more over time.

Now is a great time to get into wireless music because there are so many great products available. Of course there are great options from Sonos – including their compact Play:1 that fits in any space, all the way up to the incredible room-filling Play:5. If you already have a home theater with a MusicCast-enabled Yamaha receiver, you can add MusicCast speakers to build out your whole-home audio experience. DTS Play-Fi is another great wireless music technology utilized by great speaker companies like Paradigm and McIntosh.

Bluetooth Speakers

The One from KlipschWhile smartphones and tablets have made enjoying our favorite music more convenient, their built-in speakers always leave much to be desired. That’s precisely why Bluetooth speakers have been such a hot gift in the last few years, and their popularity is showing no signs of slowing down. They’re affordable, portable and vastly improve the audio performance of your smart device.

We carry a wide range of Bluetooth speakers from quality names like KlipschSony and Soundcast. With several types and sizes to choose from, every music lover on your list is covered! Speakers range from the size of a billiard ball to the large OutCast weatherproof speaker with a 300′ range. They go virtually anywhere dad wants great sound – from the kitchen to the fishing boat!

Tabletop Radios

Even with a wealth of streaming services available today, good old-fashioned terrestrial radio is as popular as ever.  Tivoli radios combine the best audio performance with great styling. The Boston Globe says “Tivoli wins the contest for best tabletop radio on the market” and Forbes says the Tivoli Model One has “the kind of room-filling sound that many other radios claim to deliver but often don’t.” We wouldn’t disagree.

These radios look great, and sound even better, and make the perfect gift for dads of all ages. Models range from simple to elaborate with built-in Bluetooth audio, so dad gets the best of both worlds.


Headphones and Earbuds

Most headphones are – quite simply – not worth the plastic they’re made of. When compared side-by-side with the models we carry from the greatest names in quality music reproduction – like Sony and Paradigm – you’ll hear notes you never knew you were missing from your favorite music.

Besides great wired headphones, you’ll also find many great wireless models that don’t skimp on audio performance. In fact, the P5 headphones from Bowers & Wilkins give you the option of wired and Bluetooth connectivity. Many also offer in-line audio controls and microphones, giving dad the freedom to ditch his iPhone’s dismal earbuds for good.